Monday, June 12, 2017

Bunny Bloom Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello Friends!

This sweet cross stitch pattern is inspired by vintage embroidery. The design is worked in silk thread or DMC cotton floss. The flowers are stitched in vintage-y colors. Creamy yellow, pistachio green, bunny brown and hot pink show up here.

I imagine you might stitch this pattern on the porch with a cold glass of lemonade or on a vacation by the sea. Maybe you'll stitch it on a rainy afternoon, Maybe you're a midnight stitcher who likes to cross stitch while binging Netflix.

You can frame it in a hoop. I'm searching for a pretty frame. Once I find one, I'll show you the framed piece. I hope you enjoy my Bunny Bloom cross stitch pattern!  

Bunny Bloom 

This sweet design is inspired by vintage embroidery.
The pattern is stitched with two strands of silk floss on white linen. Follow my suggestions or stitch it in your favorite colors. It can be stitched in all one color too.

 Finished Size of The Design Area Is Approximately:  4x4 inches

If you are new to cross stitching, please see my basic tutorial here: Learn How To Cross Stitch

To learn more about this pattern, please visit my online shop or click here: Bunny Bloom Cross Stitch Pattern

Happy Summer Stitching!
xx ~ Jilly 


  1. Before I fell in love with sewing I first tried embroidery when I was younger, well at first it was for a school project but later on it somehow became a hobby.

  2. Hi There, I first tried embroidery in my thirties. I love sewing too. Thanks for sharing your story! xx ~ Jilly

  3. Sewing does not come with any age limits, nor does it discriminate, just take up a sewing machine you like and get to work. #Lovesewing