Saturday, July 8, 2017


My collection of vintage Adderley bouquets reminds me of my grandmother. She lived in a tidy and uncluttered Brooklyn apartment. I spent summers with her, riding the Staten Island Ferry, eating ice cream in the park and watching the Lawrence Welk Show. She had few chachques, save for some Adderley bouquets on her coffee table and in her china cabinet. My grandmother was a minimalist before it was hip. She was the queen of clutter-free-living. I have a few more collectables than her, but I aim to keep things neat and peaceful too.

These pretty, vintage china florals are hand-painted in buttery-yellows, cornflower-blues and fondant-pinks. The bouquets were made in the 1950's. I just adore them. Vintage needlepoint, thrifted crystal vases, limoges plates, antique gold tables with pretty-patinas and classic paintings of women reading or sewing inspire me. My decorating style marches to a vintage-vibe.

I can't wait to show you the Ballard Designs Claire chandelier I finally ordered. It wasn't the exact color I expected so I lightly painted it with some Renaissance-gold to give it an antique-gold appearance.

A new cross stitch pattern is on the horizon too. I've designed another simple heart. I'm stitching it with Paris-pink silk on crisp white linen. Stay tuned!  xx ~ Jilly

Monday, June 12, 2017

Free Bunny Bloom Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello Friends!

This sweet cross stitch pattern is inspired by vintage embroidery. The design is worked in silk thread or DMC cotton floss. The flowers are stitched in vintage-y colors. Creamy yellow, pistachio green, bunny brown and hot pink show up here. But you can stitch it in your favorite colors or all one color too.

I imagine you might stitch this pattern on the porch with a cold glass of lemonade or on a vacation by the sea. Maybe you'll stitch it on a rainy afternoon, Maybe you're a midnight stitcher who likes to cross stitch while binging Netflix. I hope you enjoy my Bunny Bloom cross stitch pattern!  

Bunny Bloom Instructions:

The pattern is stitched with two strands of silk floss on white linen. Follow my suggestions or stitch it in your favorite colors. It can be stitched in all one color too. I tried to make the resolution as clear as possible for the computer screen.

 Finished Size of The Design Area Is Approximately:  4 x4 inches

If you are new to cross stitching, please see my basic tutorial here.

For This Project You Will Need:

·  Needlepoint Inc Hot-Pink Silk Floss Color in 682 and 683, Glacier Blue Color 615, Creamy Yellow Color 134, Pistachio Green Color 354, Bunny Brown Color 186. You can also DMC Embroidery Floss colors provided in the color key.   
·  32-Count White Linen made by the Zweigart Company. The linen should measure at least three inches larger than the size of the pattern. The extra linen will ensure you can properly frame your finished piece.   
·     Size 26 or 24 tapestry needle
·     Embroidery scissors
·     Embroidery hoop
·   Optional materials: needle threader, Ott Lite and magnifier, pinking shears

Fabric Prep: I like to prepare the fabric by trimming the edges with pinking shears. Use an embroidery hoop to keep the fabric stretched tight. Always remove the hoop when you’re done stitching.   

Color Key: The design is stitched with luminous, Chinese Silk Floss made by the Needlepoint Inc Company. You can also stitch it with your favorite colors of DMC cotton floss or your favorite brand of silk floss. DMC floss is found in most craft stores. Have fun and stitch it in colors that make you happy!   

Needlepoint Inc Silk Color Pistachio Green 354 ( DMC Color 580)

Needlepoint Inc Silk Color Hot Pink 683 (DMC Color 3805) This is a darker pink color.

Needlepoint Inc Silk Color Hot Pink 682 (DMC Color 604) This is a lighter pink color. 

Needlepoint Inc Color Creamy Yellow 134 (DMC Color 3820)

Needlepoint Inc Color Glacier 615 (DMC Color 312)

 Needlepoint Inc Color Bunny Brown 186 (DMC color 839)

The Design Chart: The squares on the design chart correspond to the squares on the fabric. Every square with a symbol requires a cross stitch.

Let’s Start Stitching:

Fold the fabric in half horizontally and vertically and pinch the corners. Where the two creases meet is the center. Start stitching there.  Match the center of the fabric with the center of the design. You can find the center of the design by following the side arrows on the chart.  Thread your needle with two strands of floss. Place your first few stitches on the fabric, leaving about an inch of thread in the back of the fabric (the tail).  Hold the tail against the fabric in the direction you plan to stitch and work the first few stitches over it to secure it. To end a thread, run your thread through the stitches on the back of the fabric then clip off the end.

Happy Stitching! 

xx~ Jilly

                     Bunny Bloom © 2016

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Vintage Needlepoint

Hi Friends!

As promised, here's the vintage-needlepoint-treasure I recently found on etsy. The frame is painted with white chalk paint. I love the cheerful flowers against the shell-pink background. I like to keep clutter at a minimum in my tiny home. But somehow I always find space for sweet and nostalgic vintage needlework. 

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! I'm off for a walk in the park near the sea. The flowers are in full bloom. The sky is robin's-egg-blue. After the nor'easter we just had, I'm grateful for the warm sunshine. 

Happy Stitching! xx ~ Jilly        

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

French Blue Silk Thread

Just a quick note...  I've added French-blue silk thread to my petite shop. Also, I'm almost finished with my next cross stitch pattern called Bunny Bloom. Hopefully, I'll be releasing my new pattern very soon. Stay Tuned! xx ~ J


Thursday, June 1, 2017


Hi Friends!

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. I'm an advocate on an anti-homelessness task force. Our mission is to promote the humane treatment of homeless individuals through community outreach, networking, free meal programs, emergency shelter, housing, mental health referrals, resume writing tools and supportive services. I'm grateful for my interaction with the poor and the marginalized. They teach me many important things. In the face of insurmountable odds, their resiliency is inspirational. If you live on the North Shore of Boston and you're in need of food then please click on the link: Saint John's Church. 

Thank you for all the lovely photos of your finished cross stitch patterns. You're so creative in the way you make some of the patterns into pincushions and pretty boxes. I love how you put your own spin on my patterns. Thank you for taking the time to send me emails with kind comments too. I am very happy you find peace and joy in my cross stitch patterns. You're an inspiration!

For those who missed it, the French Rose Bouquet pattern is for sale now in my shop: French Rose Bouquet

For those interested in the French monogram pattern, I still haven't heard back from the French company about whether they will wholesale just the pattern. I don't think they're too keen on just selling the pattern. At present, the French monogram is sold only as a kit. If you're interested in the monogram kit, it can be found on their website: French Monogram

I'm always on the hunt for vintage needlework. There are two more pieces coming my way this week. I hope to share them with you soon. I love needlework because it's textural and three dimensional. The walls of my tiny home are filled with my own finished pieces, hoop art and vintage needlework treasures.

I recently purchased a freestyle floral hoop-art piece stitched by the talented Tessa Perlow. She updates her shop on a regular basis.You can view more of her work here: Tessa Perlow

Finally, I'm stitching a small pattern with blooms and a bunny, As usual, I'm stitching this design with silk thread. I hope to offer this petite pattern in my shop soon.  

That's all for now....until next time..happy summer stitching! xx ~ J

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tessa Perlow's Inspirational Hoop Art

I love sharing the work of embroidery artists. I stay inspired this way. Tessa Perlow's beautiful blooms can be found in her Etsy Shop. A wonderful interview with Tessa was done by Sarah K Benning in her Craft With Conscience Series. I hope Tessa's work inspires you too! Until next time...Happy Stitching! xx ~ J

Saturday, April 15, 2017

French Rose Bouquet

Hello Friends,

I promised to share a photo of my framed French Rose Bouquet Cross Stitch Pattern. The design was stitched with silk thread on white linen. You can learn more about this petite French bouquet by visiting my SHOP.

I Hope You Had A Happy Easter & Passover!
xx ~ Jilly